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Product Manager Jobs Vacancy in Com

Product Manager
13 Jan, 2018 3 days ago

Com urgently required following position for Product Manager. Please read this job advertisement carefully before apply. There are some qualifications, experience and skills requirement that the employers require. Does your career history fit these requirements? Ensure you understand the role you are applying for and that it is suited to your skills and qualifications.

Follow the online directions, complete all the necessary fields, and provide all relevant information so your application is submitted correctly. When you click the 'Apply this Job' button (open in new window) you will be taken to the online application form. Here you will be asked to provide personal and contact details, respond to employment-related questions, and show how you meet the key selection criteria.

Product Manager Jobs Vacancy in Com Jobs Details:

Reporting to the Head of Product Management, the successful applicant will have full responsibility for a product/portfolio and are responsible for defining the product strategy that will contribute to 1E’s commercial success defined by revenue, user growth, usage, customer lifetime value, market position and others.

The Product Owner will have a number of responsibilities:
Create more product with better quality through a combination of software, services and best practices such as documentation or training as part of 1E’s market strategy
Lead, oversee and agree the development of the technology product vision, roadmap and plan
Drive the product backlog managing priorities for on-time releases
Work with Engineering to define, deliver and deploy quality, well defined time-bound product releases
To effectively perform these activities, the Product Owner’s skill set should include product strategy, new product development, and deep technical experience
Key Responsibilities

Define market segments, define white space opportunities and define the technical Product Vision
The Product Owner has a primary goal to help 1E delivery more product at a higher quality, satisfying customers. This includes but is not limited to the following activities:
Work with Engineering in developing new features (SCRUM Product Owner responsibilities)

Persona-based Requirement documents
User story collaboration with Team Lead
Document and validate User Personas – Feed into roadmap and Marketing team
Feature prioritization (with input from Commercial PMs)
Customer environment technical requirements
Feature Design with Team Lead
Semi-Daily stand-ups (depending on time zone but aim for 3x per week minimum)
QA Test Cases and Scenarios

Fixing key problems – coded solution with Engineering or workaround such as documentation, script, etc.
Alternative use cases for our products – Tested, documented, packaged and communicated out
Scripts or tools to extend our product – Fully packaged, documented and internal training to bring to market
Post sale technical product escalation/issue resolution
Internal dog food setup and coordination of 1E Products
Technical blogs / papers (especially new/unknown use cases for 1E Products)
Identifying customer persona’s, analyze their behaviors, prioritize the segments to address and respond with appropriate strategies to meet each different segment’s needs and preferences.
In particular, the Product Owner will align the product with current and perceived market opportunities through new product launches, product modifications and optimization
He/she will analyze and keep abreast of market, technology, customer and competitive trends, identify new ‘white space’ opportunities (adjacent and distinct) and define the product roadmap and priorities.
In addition, the Product Owner will be responsible for evangelizing the product both internally and externally, build a critical mass of support for the technology, the product and its usage, which the Product Manager will promote through talks, articles, blogging, demonstrations and others.
The Product Owner will share the following activities with the Commercial Product Manager for each respective domain:

Core Messaging (Doman & Product/Feature) for C/D level presentations
Conferences (Depending on target audience)
Market research and recommendations
GTM Activities
Technical / usage / feature highlighting videos

Define Product Plans

The Product Owner will oversee and agree business cases for new products and will lead the gathering and prioritizing business and product requirements as well as engineering and refactoring needs, and in delivering quality persona-based requirements
Ultimately, the Delivery Product Manager will ensure that the Engineering team is clear on its remits, goals and targets with quality requirements to deliver upon.
Lead Product Development Effort, Ensure Products Meet Quality and Customer Satisfaction Requirement

The Product Owner is responsible for successfully leading the product through the planning, development, and management of the product throughout its entire lifecycle.
The Product Owner will manage cross-functional teams (Engineering, QA, Docs, etc.) to develop products, track status, resolve issues, and coordinate communication during the entire product development process and ensure timely and effective product releases.
Finally, the Product Owner will engage with the customer service team in order to effectively manage the support impact for the products as well as identify and prioritize product issues / defects which should be included in subsequent release scopes.
Work with Engineering to define, deliver and deploy quality, well-defined time-bound product releases

Ensuring the maintenance of appropriate, predictable cadence of releases in accordance with the release policy
Agreeing a prioritized, mandatory and “stretch” scope for each time-bound release with Product Engineering;
Agreeing a release plan for each release
Agreeing the prioritization of defects to be addressed
Agreeing with Engineering appropriate plans for release to production;
Agreeing the management of both the JDP, EAP, Beta and RT release programs.
The Product Owner will contribute to delivering the financial year domain plans with revenue and customer growth by focusing on identifying and defining technology for targeted market segments, developing product differentiation strategies to exploit them, and delivering products and features that achieve volume, profit, market share, and other financial goals within these market segments.
The key for this position will be to ensure that the product executes on its technology plans and delivers solutions for the targeted domains that have been defined.
Oversees the Product Life Cycle, Design, Product Development Processes and Ensure Best Practices
Provide Leadership, Direction and Support to Team of Senior Product Managers, Product Managers and Product Analysts

Person Specification Experience & Expertise

A solid technical background with significant experience building software or driving critical strategic product portfolio architectural decisions.
Prior experience in building and managing multiple complex technical products in the networking and / or systems management sector
Extensive product management experience in a software company (must have) with a proven track record of delivering results in high tech business (i.e. >20% revenue growth annually).
Demonstrable past results in managing products from concept to end-of-life.
Keen understanding of lifecycle messaging, customer acquisition and marketing infrastructure.
The successful candidate will provide examples of delivering complex product roadmaps on-time and within budget over the last several years.
Experience working with products in a global setting and with a broad international user community.
Experience championing new ways of working: assertive, bold and inspiring - both in stretching the team to deliver great products and features but also in being able to ‘sell’ new approaches, and to drive high standards of achievement and delivery.
Significant experience as a Product Manager for a software company - either B2B or B2C
Demonstrated experience with Agile development processes with weekly or monthly product release cycles.
Leadership and Drive

The candidate will provide strategic vision, tactical direction and guidance to creating product capability
The candidate will need to demonstrate strong leadership in developing plans, identifying and resolving/escalating issues, bottlenecks and barriers, and initiate change that will make for substantial improvement.
The candidate should be able to provide examples of having used significant internal and external influencing capability as well as motivating and mobilizing multiple teams to deliver highly complex and time sensitive results.
The candidate should have the stamina and tenacity to achieve strong bottom line results, an entrepreneurial drive and sense of personal ownership is required.

Problem Solving Skills/Analytics:
Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills and the ability to derive insight from research and findings and to develop a fully argued product proposition.
Ability to demonstrate having taken to market products with significant return on investment (e.g. 10M users/ £100$ revenue).
Interpersonal Skills

The candidate must have strong communication skills and be comfortable interacting with Sr Management and Executive team
Must be able to build strong relationships with key Executive stakeholders
Must have strong ability to understand and articulate both technical and business requirements and to resolve conflicts positively
Motivation and Passion

The candidate will need to demonstrate passion for technology,
The candidate should also have knowledge of best practice product management methodologies
The candidate will be a passionate advocate of great customer experience.
The ideal candidate will be a natural entrepreneur with strong instincts and visionary insight

Undergraduate degree in computer science, telecommunications, or business.
MBA (or equivalent experience) in marketing or strategic specialization (preferred).
Candidates should have considerable experience in product management in software companies

Location Country India
Applications Close Date 28 Feb 2018

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